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An Artisan’s Guide to Bamboo Flute Making

By Mark Shepard

Mark’s classic treatment, first published in 1976, of the craft of making bamboo flutes. Includes detailed instructions, along with a practical, in-depth discussion of flute acoustics. Now in an improved format with illustrations by Monty Levenson. For Mark’s later tips on flute making, see Simple Flutes.

Mark Shepard is the author of How to Love Your Flute, hailed by Paul Horn as “a model for our times,” as well as the craft guide Simple Flutes. For many years, he was a professional artisan, making and selling flutes of bamboo or plastic. His earlier book, Flutecraft, was the first book ever published on craft flutemaking.

Tai Hei Shakuhachi
Comb-bound ~ 1994

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