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Here you’ll find info on current editions of flute books by Mark Shepard.

How to Love Your Flute
A Guide to Flutes and Flute Playing,
or How to Play the Flute, Choose One, and Care for It,
Plus Flute History, Flute Science, Folk Flutes, and More
~ Preface by Paul Horn ~

Mark’s big flute book! For self-teaching or to accompany lessons.

Simple Flutes
A Guide to Flute Making and Playing,
or How to Make and Play Great Homemade Musical Instruments
for Children and All Ages from Bamboo, Wood,
Clay, Metal, PVC Plastic, or Anything Else

A practical guide based on Mark’s years of experience.

An Artisan’s Guide to Bamboo Flute Making

An earlier work in a new edition.

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