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Welcome! Here are resources to help you learn to play the flute or make a flute, plus know more about the flute—all from author/musician/flutemaker Mark Shepard. There’s even a printable flute fingering chart. Enjoy the magic of flute!

Mark’s Flute Books!

Book Cover: How to Love Your Flute

How to Love Your Flute

A Guide to Flutes and Flute Playing

Book Cover: Simple Flutes

Simple Flutes

A Guide to Flute Making and Playing

And More . . .

Flute Beginner FAQ

Tips on how to learn to play the flute.

Finding Your Flute—UPDATED

Tips on choosing, renting, and buying a new or used flute.

Getting a Sound on the Flute

How to blow your first note.

Where to Put the Holes for a Flute

Rules for placing and tuning finger holes when making flutes.

The Plumber’s Pipe

Instructions for making quality simple flutes from PVC plumbing pipe.

How the Flute Works

An intro to flute acoustics.

A Flute Bookshelf

Good books for getting into flute playing and making.

About Mark’s Flute Books

Info on flute books written by Mark.

About Mark and the Flute

May we be made ever more perfect instruments.

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