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Welcome! Here you’ll find resources for exploring Mahatma Gandhi (or Mohandas Gandhi), the Gandhi Movement, nonviolence (or non-violence), peacemaking, simple living, and utopian communities—all from Gandhian journalist and “alternative lifestylist” Mark Shepard. Jai Jagat!—Victory to the world!

Mark’s Peace Books!

Book Cover: Gandhi Today

Gandhi Today

A Report on India’s Gandhi Movement

Book Cover: Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths

Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths

Civil Disobedience, Nonviolence, and Satyagraha in the Real World

Book Cover: The Community of the Ark

The Community of the Ark

A Visit with Lanza del Vasto

And More . . .

Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths

On misconceptions about Mahatma Gandhi and nonviolence. The 1990 Annual Gandhi Lecture given by Mark for the International Association of Gandhian Studies.

A Remedy for War, by Maria Montessori

On parallels between war and the plague, with a vision for the cure. From the 1932 address “Peace and Education,” as adapted by Mark.

Hiawatha and the Iroquois Confederation, by Horatio Hale

A classic work on the real Hiawatha—peacemaker and co‑founder of the Iroquois League.

The King of Kindness

The story of Vinoba, Mahatma Gandhi’s “spiritual successor,” and of the campaigns he led in pursuit of a “nonviolent revolution.”

Vinoba Bhave

Soldiers of Peace

A look at Shanti Sena, India’s “Peace Army,” and how it fought riots with nonviolence.

Shanti Sena

“Hug the Trees!”

The story of India’s Chipko Movement, protecting forests and human rights in the Himalayas.

Chipko Movement

The People’s Court

A report on a popular alternative that tries cases even of murder and government corruption.

People's Court

Island of Peace

A look at The Community of the Ark, the nonviolent community in France founded by Lanza del Vasto, Gandhi’s “first disciple in the West.”

Community of the Ark

Growing Up With Gandhi, by Narayan Desai

A memoir by a major figure in India’s contemporary Gandhi Movement and in the worldwide nonviolence movement.

Hear Narayan Desai Speak!

Growing Up with Gandhi

(62 minutes)

Understanding Nonviolence

Making sense of different kinds of nonviolence and knowing where you stand.

Download the Handout (PDF, 1 page)

Coming to Consensus

Tips for cooperation and collaboration in decision making.

Download the Handout (PDF, 1 page)

How to Spell Gandhi

Ummm. . . . How to spell Gandhi. (Hint: not “Ghandi”!)

Charkha Tips

How to spin cotton on Mahatma Gandhi’s spinning wheel.

Peace Quotes

Choice sayings by Gandhi and others on nonviolence, small scale alternatives, and social change.

A Peace Bookshelf

Good books for getting into Mahatma Gandhi, the Gandhi Movement, nonviolence, peacemaking, simple living, and utopian societies.

About Mark’s Peace Books

Info on Mark’s books about Mahatma Gandhi, the Gandhi Movement, nonviolence, peacemaking, simple living, and utopian societies.

Other Peace Resources

Peace online and off.

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May we be made ever more perfect instruments.

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