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Songs of Flesh, Songs of Spirit

Nearly Tantric Poems of God, Sex, and Anything Else

Book Cover: Songs of Flesh, Songs of Spirit

By Mark Shepard

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual language.

In this selection of nearly Tantric poetry and short prose, Mark Shepard shares with you his twin obsessions with God and sex—often in the same piece. Perhaps not since Solomon’s Song of Songs have the lofty and the worldly been so entwined, like two lovers struggling toward communion. Humor, insight, reverence, sensuality, a penchant for austerity, and a gift of delight—you’ll find them all in Songs of Flesh, Songs of Spirit.

Mark Shepard’s poetry has appeared in such illustrious journals as Pegasus, Fountainhead, and The New Potato Caboose.

“Beautiful sparks in all kind of directions. Not the stylistic consistency that one sees in book-a-year poets, but more honesty, and a fine intensity.”—Rod Willmot, poetry editor, Black Moss Press

Simple Productions

Staple-bound ~ 1990

Paperback ~ 2005

Ebook ~ 2013

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In a world . . .


Poem for Lew

Tell me something . . .

You scream for my ****, but . . .

We are destroyed . . .


As the click of a boot heel fills a cathedral . . .

I Am a Searcher Among Stones

Wet Dream


Sure I love you . . .


“Look!” she cried . . .



Circle Dance



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