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Make Your Own Starter Without Store-Bought Yeast
and Bake the Best Bread in the World With This
Simplest of Recipes for Making Sourdough
(or Sour Dough)

By Mark Shepard

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This book tells how to make the best bread in the world. And it’s made from only wheat, water, and salt! You’ll love this tasty, wholesome, easy-to-make bread from a tradition thousands of years old. In fact, it may spoil you for all other bread!

Mark Shepard is the author of several books on simple living and nonviolent social change, and also on the flute.

Simple Productions
Paperback ~ 2005
Ebook ~ 2011

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The Starter
The Ingredients
The Sponge
The Two Things You Must Always Remember
The Dough
The Rising
The Baking
Final Facts

Sample Text

This booklet tells how to make the best bread in the world. If you don’t believe me, try it! No matter how much of this bread I've eaten, I've never grown tired of it.

What’s amazing is that it’s made from wheat, water, and salt. That’s all!

I first learned to love this bread while visiting the Community of the Ark, a utopian society founded in France by an Italian disciple of Gandhi. On my return home, a friend taught me how to make the same bread—or pretty close. Some further experimenting ended up with the method in this booklet. If you’ve made other breads, you’ll find it refreshingly simple.

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